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Super Fast Internet beyond GIGs

Local Internet withGlobal Possibilities

Cyber Home Connect Features

We Are Consultants for you to find the best Internet Service Providers in your area


Bothered about slow internet at your home? You don’t need to worry anymore, Switch to the fastest internet available in your vicinity, that too at the lowest price.


We know you love better quality TV but we have the best for you! Brilliant picture quality IPTV for news, entertainment, sports, movies and much More.

Home Security

Home security systems provide peace of mind and protect against potential break-ins or burglaries.


A mobile service with unlimited talk time, unlimited data, no caps, no contract, that too with the best coverage across nation.

Smart Home

Smart home service provides an automated and interconnected living experience by enabling the control of various household devices through a central system.

Home Phone

Talk it out to your heart’s content! we offer a crystal-clear phone service with all the features you need and love with unlimited nationwide network.

About Cyber Home Connect

Super Fast Internet for Gaming & Streaming

Tired of lag ruining your game? Stream flawlessly without buffering interruptions. Experience the smoothest online gameplay and crystal-clear streaming with our supercharged internet. Upgrade your connection, unleash your dominance.

Binge all day, game all night. Our unlimited entertainment internet lets you stream shows, movies, and games without data caps. It’s nonstop fun, on your terms.

Value for Money

300 MB

Per Second



Conditions Apply

100s of HD Channels

Super Fast Speed

Free Installation

Unlimited Streaming

Flexible Packages

Fast Support 24/7

We take you places, and your internet comes along.

Our mobile packages with data options keep you entertained while you are on the move, that too “nationwide” Call us and subscribe now!

Call and check with us about the availability of these packages in your area.

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What Our Clients Say

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate motive. The more we serve, the more we feel proud.  Let's see what our customers say about our services.

Fred Rodriquez
Fred Rodriquez

Project Manager

I was looking for high speed internet for my gaming hobby.. thank you CHC for helping me find the best internet for me.

Audrey Stevenson
Audrey Stevenson

Marketing Staff

I just moved to my new house, being unfamiliar with the area, it was difficult to decide which internet is best, I called CHC and I have a great package with internet, TV and home phone.

Bennett Miller
Bennett Miller

IT Programmer

Working from home, I decided to move to suburbs, however, finding super fast internet was easy, I just called CHC and problem solved.. I got best internet installed in just 2 days.

Laura Ferguson
Laura Ferguson


Being a home-maker, I need best entertainment at home. CHC found me best internet with 100s of HD channels, and unlimited streaming package. Love it.

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Up To



Internet Plus




Up To



Internet Ultimate



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We Are Available To All Corners Of The Country

We have a solution for every corner of the country.  However, some options are available in certain areas, and some are not.  Please call and check with us what’s available at your address, and we’ll be very happy to help.

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